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Infrastructure minister to meet with protesting transport industry



The new Polish infrastructure minister, Alvin Gajadhur, will meet with representatives of the transport industry amid protests that have blocked Poland’s border crossings with Ukraine, said government spokesperson.

Gajadhur, who is part of the cabinet of Mateusz Morawiecki that was sworn in on Monday, will meet with the Polish haulage industry members on either Tuesday or Wednesday, said Piotr Mueller, the spokesperson of the Polish government.

“Minister Alvin Gajadhur seems to be having a meeting with haulier organisations tomorrow,” Mueller said on the day of the swearing-in ceremony.

According to the spokesperson, the meeting will focus on the protest by Polish lorry drivers on the Ukrainian border.

The drivers, who started their protest on November 6, are demanding the reintroduction of commercial permits for Ukrainian companies carrying goods apart from humanitarian aid and military equipment as well as the suspension of operating permits for Ukrainian haulage firms set up after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. They complain their business has been undercut by Ukrainian firms who pay much less to their truckers and thus have lower operating costs, but are competing with Polish firms.

Mueller said that the issue will also be raised during a sitting of the EU’s Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE) on December 4.

Some solutions that will be considered include the commercial permits the protesting hauliers have asked for. 

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