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Indoor trainers damage carbon bikes, and 5 other indoor cycling lies uncovered



 Winter months for much of the northern hemisphere mean decreased daylight and outdoor riding conditions that may be less inviting than the other nine months of the year. For many, this means putting the cycling time on a trainer.

Those who ride trainers year-round will tell you that it’s an effective way to stay fit and avoid altercations with motor vehicles. While it’s hard to question these benefits of riding indoors, there are many other assertions about indoor cycling that are questioned as axiomatic.

Myth 1: Indoor cycling trainers are expensive

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

Well, expensive is a relative term; what costs a lot for one cycling enthusiast may be throw-away for another. Instead of considering cost when purchasing an indoor trainer, weigh the cash outlay versus expected use and benefits derived. Account for your cycling goals and how you plan to achieve them, how frequently you plan to use a turbo trainer, and what you consider to be enjoyment or obligation.

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