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In Crimea, the amount of damage to the infrastructure of the peninsula from the elements was calculated



OREANDA-NEWS  The damage caused to the infrastructure of the Crimea by the elements exceeded 1.3 billion rubles, said the head of the Parliament of the republic Vladimir Konstantinov.

“As of the current time, according to the information of the executive bodies, damage in the amount of 1 billion 349 million 27 thousand 825 rubles has already been confirmed,” Konstantinov said at a meeting of the Crimean parliament. Damage counting continues, he added.

The Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Crimea Sergey Sadakliev on Tuesday said that, according to first estimates, the damage is about 500 million rubles, but it may double or more.

At the weekend, a Mediterranean cyclone hit Crimea, which brought stormy weather with showers and winds of hurricane force up to 40 meters per second. Many villages of Crimea were de-energized, trees were felled, gas pipelines were damaged, there was a strong storm at sea, waves flooded the coastal areas of Yevpatoria, the Saki – Yevpatoria highway.

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