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I’m a gym fanatic – I learned to love body and help other women do the same now



A FITNESS fan has told how she’s gone from hiding her body to people criticising her for flaunting her figure after a major glow-up.

Nadya Hendrie, from Glasgow, used to delete any photographs of herself and constantly felt self-conscious.

Nadya has learned to ignore haters and trolls
She’s much happier with her figure now
Her fitness journey has inspired a lot of other women

But since finding a healthier lifestyle after losing 30lbs, she’s learned to love herself regardless of what the haters say.

She says: “It isn’t arrogant to say you love yourself, it’s an injustice if you say you don’t.

“The difference in my journey before I felt good until now is night and day. 

“Now if love getting my picture taken. I don’t care if I’m mid squat or running and my face looks terrible or if my thighs or arms are moving.

“I’m so confident in what I look like because I feel amazing. You need to love your body and now I love it so much I want to show it off more. 

“Working on yourself and being body confidence can just be going for a walk and wearing leggings or a sports bra you would never have before. 

“I would have never worn sports bra and leggings the to gym and now I do it every day.

“I’ve had comments from people saying ‘you’re walking down the street wearing that, I bet you get lots of looks in Airdrie like that.’

“And I have walked in the street in a skirt with a split up it.

“But I look at people and I’m out smiling and being happy. You can feel that atmosphere but I just smile. Kill people with kindness.

“I love seeing other females grow in confidence and helping them create their own without being afraid.”

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