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I Live in Scotland, and This Is How My Friends and I Keep Warm in Style



As a Scottish girl who spent the best part of a decade continuously getting lost in London, I made the bold decision to move back to my homeland – Edinburgh, to be precise – last year. And while it’s proved to be a positive move overall, there is one downside to residing in Scotland. It might sound cliché but, of course, I’m talking about the weather.

I’m allowed to say this because I’m a proud Scot, but the weather since returning has been dismal at best. So much so that I wasn’t even able to wear any of the breezy, summery dresses I’ve collected over my time in the British capital. And now that winter has arrived, I’ve had to quickly rediscover the art of dressing for the freezing weather that’s likely to stick around until April. Handily, all of my cold-weather dressing hacks have come flooding back to me, all of which you’ll find below.