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How many times has Bruce Dickinson been married? Iron Maiden frontman ties the knot with French fitness instructor 



Bruce Dickinson tied the knot for the third time when he got married to his fiancee, Leana Dolci, a French fitness instructor. The 65-year-old Iron Maiden frontman got hitched to the 48-year-old Dolci at an undisclosed location in France, stating in an interview with the Swedish national TV channel SVT:

“I got married three weeks ago. We got married in Paris. We were planning to do it, and then I said, ‘Well, let’s get married in France. The coolest thing about my wedding is that my sons showed up with their wife and girlfriend, respectively. Leana’s parents turned up — not her grandmother. Her grandmother was 103, so she stayed home.”

“And her parents showed up and her dad burst into tears. I thought, ‘I’m gonna get married ’cause I love her and she’s great and she makes me really happy and we make each other really happy and I wanna support her, but I also wanna give her the confidence,'” the singer continued.

The current marriage is the third for the singer. The singer’s first marriage was with Jane Dickinson, which lasted until 1987. It was subsequently followed by his second marriage to Paddy Bowden. Bowden and the singer remained together until her tragic death in 2019.

Bruce Dickinson had announced his engagement to Leana Dolci earlier this year

The singer revealed the nitty-gritty of his marriage with Leana Dolci, elaborating on how the marriage progressed in the same exclusive interview with SVT, stating:

“Honestly, I thought the English invented bureaucracy, but the French have perfected it… So we went along, and we have to go there and basically sort of like give all our details…And you also can’t just get married anywhere. You have to get married where you live. You’re not allowed to get married anywhere else — legally married.”

“Leana’s got an apartment there in Paris. So we got married 400 meters down the road, at the town hall, ’cause that was the only place we could legally be married, ’cause she lived there…I had to get permission from the British government to marry a French citizen, and they had to publish the banns of marriage in London.. all this other stuff,” he continued.

Bruce Dickinson and his new wife are dividing their time between the capitals of their nations, London and Paris, respectively. The two first met sometime in 2019 and were confirmed to be dating sometime after the death of the singer’s second wife, Patty Bowden.

Bruce Dickinson announced his engagement to the instructor earlier this year while in Sarajevo, Bosnia, to plan a solo concert to mark his performance in the city during the siege of the city from 1992 to 1996. Bruce Dickinson proposed to Leana Dolcis while out at a restaurant.

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