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Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for June 29, 2022



Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for June 29, 2022

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for June 29, 2022

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

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A new car or a major item may be purchased. You may feel hesitant to broach a contentious issue with a rival at work. Regular walks and Jogging may be taken up by some. Planning something at home will become an instant hit with the family. Comfort and enjoyment may elude those setting out on a long journey today. Your hard work on the academic front will get recognized soon.

Love Focus: Romantic mood prevails, so plan an evening out with lover.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Off White

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

Monetary situation is likely to deteriorate, due to some hasty investments. Your mark of excellence will be embossed in whatever you undertake on the professional front. Those into meditation and yoga can expect complete rejuvenation. You will get a chance to showcase your talents in a competitive situation. Some of you are likely to acquire property in the form of a plot or an apartment.

Love Focus: An evening out will be like icing on the cake on the romantic front.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

Good earning opportunities are likely to come your way soon. Good health is assured through own efforts. Those in medical or engineering sectors are likely to gain good experience. Praise from unexpected quarters is likely to make the day for some homemakers. Those intending to travel by road need to exercise utmost caution. Students are likely to shine on the academic front.

Love Focus: You will meet the one you had wanted to for long.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22)

Negotiating a deal can find you at your persuasive best. Those out of shape will need to go the whole hog in attaining physical fitness. You may find yourself out of the inner circle on the professional front. Homemakers are likely to impress all by their creative inputs. Day seems favorable for builders and property dealers. Help on the academic front will be required soon.

Love Focus: Lover will live to his or her promise to make your day!

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Brown

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23)

A new health routine may start giving health benefits right away. Investing during the auspicious days is likely to multiply returns. A thumping success is foreseen for those in the scientific field. Spending time with family will prove most fulfilling and entertaining today. An academic achievement will load the dice in your favor. Meticulous preparation to woo lover is likely to brighten up the romantic front!

Love Focus: You will manage to come closer to the person you secretly love.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sep 23)

Good investment choices are likely to come your way and help multiply your money. Subordinates can cause unnecessary problems for you at work. Good health will keep you in an upbeat mood. A piece of good news is likely to bring cheer to the domestic front. An entertaining time is ahead for those on a conducted tour. Success is foretold for students appearing in interviews.

Love Focus: You may need to reschedule your meeting with lover.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Your efforts on the professional front will be recognized. Financial front appears most encouraging. Self-discipline may help you achieve peak physical fitness. You are likely to smoke the peace pipe with a rival in a family dispute. Smooth going is indicated for those on a long journey. This is a good time to invest in property.

Love Focus: Be sensitive to the sensibilities of lover as it can spoil the relationship.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Light Red

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Some of you may need the help of a financial expert for proper investments. Take care of loose ends at work as they can cause problems later. Will power will be your key to remain in shape. A good understanding with spouse will bring happiness into your life. Travelling towards the north-east will prove favorable. Those freshly out of college can opt for higher studies.

Love Focus: Meeting an exciting person on the romantic front is likely for some.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Cream

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Chances of getting shortchanged in a financial transaction cannot be ruled out for some. Using your initiative at work will be much appreciated. A home remedy will come in handy for an ailment nagging some for long. Positive changes on the home front are in store for some. Pilgrimage will help your evolve spiritually. You can be commended for a well conducted preparation or seminar.

Love Focus: Love beckons and promises to give immense joy and fulfillment.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Red

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Those playing the stocks are likely to hit it big. Certain good options on the business front can be expected. You will need to curb your tendency to indulge in excesses to remain healthy. Some of you may entertain a family guest today. An official overseas journey is foreseen for some. Those studying abroad will find the going smooth.

Love Focus: You will be able to catch the eye of the one you secretly love.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Pink

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)

You manage to save money by cutting corners. Positive developments are indicated for those embroiled in a legal battle. Be careful, as seasonal changes may make you unwell. Family will love the new surroundings and help you in settling down fast. A much-anticipated journey can keep you in an excited state. You will be able to promote your cause most convincingly on the academic front.

Love Focus: Young couples can experience widening differences.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Dark Orange

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

A piece of good news may be expected on the financial front. You can become a part of a project at work, so brace yourself for hard work! Joining a gym or an exercise routine is indicated and will prove beneficial. Personal relationships can receive a jolt on the domestic front. Some of you may plan to save to buy a house or property.

Love Focus: Romantic feelings can dominate your mind.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

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