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Here’s How Queen Elizabeth Stays True To Her Taurus Status



Queen Elizabeth is one of those incredibly public figures that’s also intensely private. As a living icon, she’s instantly recognizable and easily caricatured… but what do you really know about her? (Besides the fact that she loves Corgis and hats?) Actually, there is one major thing to know about the Queen that’s essential if you want to get an idea of what she’s really like: Queen Elizabeth II’s zodiac sign: Taurus. So if you’re wondering what she’d do in a given situation, you need look no further than the stars.

The Queen isn’t the only Taurus in the royal family: Great-grandchildren Charlotte and Louis were likewise born under the sign of the bull (Louis even shares the Queen’s Leo moon). And as the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Elizabeth surpassed the reign of her great-great grandmother Victoria and has been distinguishing herself as a remarkable royal for her entire life. She’s the only female member of the Royal Family to have entered the armed forces (she drove military trucks in World War II!); years later, in 1998, she even made a point of driving the King of Saudi Arabia around in her Land Rover when he visited Scotland because women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. (Sick burn!) She paid for her wedding dress with clothing rations (also during wartime). She starred in a video for the Olympics with Daniel Craig as James Bond. She lets her grandkids call her Gan-Gan. She’s an original, for sure. Or in other words, a Taurus!

Here are just some of the ways she sticks to her astrological roots.

She’s Finicky About Fashion

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know that super strict dress code Queen Elizabeth makes Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle follow? (No miniskirts, neutral nails only, forget about jeans.) That’s totally Taurus, as is the Queen’s own signature look.

“Practical, classy, and tasteful,” according to CafeAstrology, the Taurus woman prefers “impeccably cut pants to miniskirts” and might be a “little bit of a label snob.”

“She loves the finest imported fabrics and only buys quality clothes. Tailor-made suits are an investment because she understands that the perfect fit will never go out of style.”

She’s Not Afraid Of A Little Hard Work

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just because she has a taste for the finer things doesn’t mean this royal isn’t willing to get her hands dirty. When her kids were young and they spent family time at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, she was known for refusing help, cooking the kids breakfast (bangers and spuds) and making sure they made their own beds. That’s classic Taurus, as CafeAstrology explained:

When Taurus natives work, they work hard. They do it with a steadiness that may rarely be considered quick; rather it’s a dependable, plodding, and steady effort that has its payoffs. Security is immensely important to Taurus.”

She Has Serious Street Smarts

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That’s right, street smarts! In 1982, a stalker broke into her bedroom while she was asleep, according to Did she freak out? Not that lady! Instead, “she talked to the escaped psych patient for 10 minutes before a footman seized him.” This grace under fire is in keeping with the trademark “practical intelligence” of the Taurus, as explained in Reader’s Digest. (Also, badass.)

She’s Got A Killer Sense Of Humor

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Just because she’s always proper doesn’t mean the Queen can’t throw shade, as demonstrated by her fashion choices when Trump made his recent visit to the U.K. (She reportedly wore two significant brooches — her “mourning” brooch and one given to her by the Obamas — as well as the same outfit she wore on the dark day that she had to address Parliament after Brexit.) As explained, the Taurus woman has a “surprising” sense of humor and a “playful” side, for all her serious determination. Going to battle with a brooch is definitely what I’d call playful!

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