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Happy’s Zen Horoscope Week (15th August – 21st August) – Understanding Uranus



Uranus’ yearly retrograde begins on the 19th and continues all the way through to January 18th, 2022.

More moderately well-paced than its otherwise highly electrifying, stressful self, this timeframe engages us to make sense of the bigger picture in a more subtle and manageable way. 

The big and the small stuff all get a look in because Uranus Retrograde is here to help us process life changes and level up to more inventive ways of thinking, processing, and adapting to any challenges that come our way. 


You’ve had a lot on your plate Leo, no doubt you’ve been busy maintaining a strong sense of financial independence. But this week a rebalance is in order. Look to see if there are any signs of work-home conflict, so you can shift things accordingly before it all gets out of hand.

You can’t do it all, so if you need to ask for a helping hand in either area, work or home, ask for it. Make self-care a priority, take time out to recentre, and nurture yourself. 


A refocus of creative energy awaits. Sure you have the technique and even the know-how, but if you find you are a little creatively blocked this week, the best solution is to down the tools and head outdoors. 

Depending on where you are, lockdown or no lockdown, mother nature beckons you. So heed its calling, and reconnect to creativity in its purest form.


You may find yourself over-investing in work, and doing some serious hustling this week. Before you become too immersed in what you think you need to get over the line or maintain, think about balance, and what you may be missing out on in the interim.

The smelling the roses kind of stuff. Just as mother nature is calling to all Virgos, so too is mother nature calling you, albeit for slightly different reasons. Now might just be the perfect time to head to nature, a forest, an inner-city park, or a beach to restore your energies and rebalance yourself.


Your relationship with money/ possessions would benefit from a look-in. Ask yourself if you’ve become too fixed on material things to the point that it’s starting to impinge on your wellbeing. And if it is, then use this timeframe to adjust. Realign, and rebalance.

And remember, give gratitude for what you do have, gratitude for your family and your friends. Because when you have love in your heart, good things will always follow. It’s the law of the Universe. 


People need people. Never truer in your case Sag. You’re an optimist that likes to dream big, and when one dreams as big as you do, then let’s face it, you’ll need more than a helping hand to get the dream up and running.

We all know that you hate being told what to do, but keep it in your curious mind, that sometimes other people do actually know more than you, and you should let them teach you. It will be OK.


Sidestep your inner critic this week Caps. Sidestep. You don’t need it. Even if you misstep, or make a mistake, just give yourself a big thanks that you recognize it. 

Because not everyone can see with such clarity. So show yourself a bit of kindness and compassion, and remember that we all make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn, so use them as the tool they are meant to be, learn from them, and move on with a renewed sense of raised self-awareness.


Self-doubting?  Ignoring the call?  This is a timeframe of reflection and self-evaluation. the Universe is calling you towards something bigger, but for some reason, you may not be listening to it.

Maybe you’re afraid,  maybe you’re worried you are not ready,  maybe you’re pretending you didn’t hear it.  Let’s be clear, the call will never go away, so you may as well push past your fears, your self-doubts, and trust the universe has got your back because it does. It really does. 


A week for revelations and awakening and looking at things like they are legit opportunities for growth and expansion. Because, chances are, just when you think you’re comfortable, and everything is going swell, shit happens, change has come from seemingly out of nowhere.

Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s not, maybe it’s okay to know that whenever there is a change of any kind, the key is to embrace it, and accept it so that you can rebuild if you have to, something even better than what was lost.


This is a week to learn from failure. So look to any areas that show a lack of progress,  or procrastination, and with due diligence, tweak, re-think and reapply yourself. 

Even if a situation has not worked out the way you expected it would, use this time to discover new aspects of yourself that may be useful next time. Take a page out of Helen Keller’s book, and don’t think of today’s failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow.


Make this a week of renewal. Because you’ve come through a lot, there have been a lot of challenges that may have depleted your energy somewhat, so use this time purposefully, to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. Transform things for yourself, out with the old, in with the new.

Especially anything that carries you towards the path of reaching your highest potential, and that for you means connecting to what is truly fulfilling, and fills you with a sense of purpose.


This is the week to gain more control over life, so take a look at your habits, within your personal and professional life to see where you can make some changes. Change in this instance may feel hard, even threatening the very way that you live your life, especially if you’d like to make some financial changes, but it’s important, and you know it.

No need for anything too dramatic, playthings relatively safe, wouldn’t want to push you too far out of your comfort zones. But all the same, anything that makes you feel increased stability is recommended.


Given all the noise or commotion that you may have been experiencing lately, what you need is a break.  A bit of peace and quiet away from the madding crowd so that you can hear yourself think.

You would benefit from a bit of a quiet week, which feels to be right up your alley. So take it, take time out, and rest, and get back on track.

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