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Google introduces .meme domains for early registration – What it is and how to register?



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Google Registry has introduced a new type of domain extension: “.meme.” You can now register these domains during the “early access period” by paying an extra one-time fee for priority registration. Similar to the process for .meme, users can register unique domains with the “.ing” extension through partnering companies like GoDaddy and 101Domain.

Early Access Period Details

As of now, you can secure your .meme domain by participating in the Early Access Period which allows for early registration at an additional cost. The fee gradually reduces each day until December 5. If you prefer to avoid the extra fee, the domains will be open to the public starting December 5 at 4 p.m. UTC.

How to Register

To check out where you can register your .meme domain during the Early Access Period, visit for more information, Google mentioned in a blog post. 

Previously Launched Domain

In the past month, Google Registry introduced another domain extension type: “.ing.” This extension allows brands and businesses to create websites using a single word. Whether you’re a fun website, to a good cause, something beautiful, or an existing document, “.ing” is versatile for various interests.

Plan Your Unique Domain

If you’re keen on having a unique online presence with a touch of humor using .meme or conveying action with .ing, take note of the registration details and decide whether to jump in early during the access period or wait until it becomes publicly available on December 5. Explore the possibilities and secure your spot in the digital space with Google Registry’s latest domain offerings.

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