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Google Drive’s homepage upgrade brings fresh features: Here’s what changed



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Google Drive is getting a fresh look with its new homepage called ‘home,’ set to enhance file discovery and make it quicker to find your important files. The update includes personalised recommendations for files and folders using Google’s machine learning. 

According to the Google Workspace Updates blog post, These suggestions consider various factors like recently opened, shared, or edited files, as well as documents linked to upcoming Calendar events.

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Image Source : GOOGLE WORKSPACE BLOG POSTRevamped Version of Google Drive

Easier Navigation and Filtering

The revamped Google Drive Home page aims to streamline your file-finding process and enhance collaboration. It introduces Filter Chips which allows you to filter files by type, people, date modified, and even location. This feature provides a more organised approach to managing your documents.

Aesthetic Upgrade with Material Design 3

The visual aspect of the update follows the principles of Material Design 3 guidelines which focuses on efficient navigation. This ensures a modern and user-friendly interface, aligning with Google’s design philosophy.

Opting In or Out

By default, these new features will be active for users. However, if you prefer the previous setup, you can easily opt-out. Just go to ‘My Drive’ and click on the ‘Change to My Drive’ option in the banner.

Rollout Details

The rollout of Google Drive ‘home’ has already commenced from November 28. However, it may take up to 15 days for users under rapid release to see the changes. For those on scheduled release domains, which includes most users, the rollout is set to start on January 11, 2024. Keep an eye out for the updated interface to enjoy a more efficient and personalised Google Drive experience.

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