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Glasgow whisky fans will love a trip to Scotland’s ‘whisky capital’



If you consider yourself a fan of our national drink, love the occasional dram or are just curious about the uisge beatha, then there are more than a few places in Glasgow, and around Scotland itself, that should be on your hitlist.

From city bars like the Pot Still and the Bon Accord, to the wider regions of the whisky isle of Islay and the drink’s spiritual home in Speyside, there are so many great places to go.

Often overlooked though, is Scotland’s ‘Whisky Capital’ of Campbeltown, which is found at the very bottom tip of the Mull of Kintyre.

Glasgow Live headed along to the Campbeltown Malts Festival and Glen Scotia Distillery to learn why this pilgrimage is a must for any whisky fan.

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Hard to get to but with a journey that’s almost as good as its destination, Scotland’s ‘Whisky Capital’ is one of the best places in the country to learn all about our national drink.

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Glen Scotia’s Open Day welcomes hundreds of whisky fans each year in May and gives unrivalled access to the distillery and its incredible bottlings.

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Our own intrepid What’s On editor headed to Glen Scotia to learn more about the distillery and to try some exceptional drams.

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There is always something to see and do it seems, with talks, live music, markets, specialist bottlings, local food vendors, tours and of course, the all-important bars.

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The Glen Scotia Open Day, and the festival in general, is packed with incredible experiences and features some of the biggest names in the industry such as writer and expert Dave Broom with subjects including sherry and its impact on whisky.

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You will usually get to try some incredible drams from much sought-after distilleries such as Glen Scotia and neighbours Springbank and maybe even find a new favourite whisky.

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The Open Day combines masterclasses with experts not just from the distillery itself (like master distiller Ian McAlister) but also from the wider industry such as top writer Millie Milliken.

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The festival is usually where you can hear from established experts like Millie, Dave and fellow writer Becky Paskin. But Glen Scotia is worth visiting at any time of the year, thanks to its excellent tours.

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The journey to Campbeltown itself is great fun, winding as it does past great food and drink spots like Loch Fyne Oysters and Fyne Ales, the picturesque town of Inveraray, and the gorgeous fishing village of Talbert.

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Don’t forget to stop off for a chippy at the excellent Fyne Fish and Chip Shop. Overall, it’s a wonderful day away and a beautiful part of the country that really will reward any whisky fan with a great time.

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