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Friday’s business headlines



INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines with Jane King.

A.I. voices in robotic calls are now illegal

The Federal Communications Commission has officially made it illegal to use artificial intelligence-generated voices in robocalls.

It vowed last week to take action after a fake voice that sounded like President Biden was used in calls to voters ahead of the New Hampshire primary election.

Since public figures are on record with a voice saying many words known to the public, the use of powerful new A.I. tools can produce audio that is difficult to differentiate from authentic recordings.

Steelworkers union says industry keeps selling to other countries

Members of the United Steelworkers Union say a large part of the U.S. industry is being sold off to other countries.

In December, U.S. Steel announced that it would be selling the company to the world’s No. 4 steelmaker, Japan’s Nippon Steel.

Union members are expressing concerns about their job security and a future with a foreign company.

Romance novels impact perceptions of love

Noah from “The Notebook” is the most beloved book boyfriend.

A study by Thriftbooks and conducted by OnePoll found that a third of those surveyed said their interest in romance novels has most impacted their expectations of what love should feel like.

Romance novels generate over $1.44 billion in revenue, making romance the highest-earning genre of fiction.

Stock Update

The S&P 500 crossed the 5000 mark for the first time in the final minute of trading Thursday, before pulling back to end just below that milestone.

Working out replaces happy hour as top after-work activity

According to a recent report by Gympass, a hub used by corporations to extend wellness activities to their employees, working out is the new “happy hour” for professionals.

The company analyzed millions of “check-ins,” indicators that employees are using their services.

One of the biggest findings in the report is that the hours that employees preferred the most to engage in fitness activities last year was from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The next most popular time to allot to fitness was 5 p.m.

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