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Fashion Designer creates outfits for Mars and outer space | Manufacturing Tech News UK



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Textile artist Anurita Chandola, has recently transitioned into a spacewear designer by joining Bristol’s Martian House Project. Collaborating on the first non-US trial of a real Martian house, she crafted a line of Mars-friendly apparel after NASA unveiled plans for human settlement on the planet by the 2030s.

In 2015, a NASA experiment mimicking Martian conditions had six scientists reside in a dome for 80 days, growing plants that perished upon receiving celebratory T-shirts due to dye chemicals, a lesson Chandola highlights on resource usage and Earth’s sustainability.

Her fascination with how clothes interact with gravity in space led her to merge her expertise in fashion and passion for space. A veteran in the fashion industry, Chandola redirected her career post-noticing the environmental toll of fast fashion. At TedX Bristol, she delved into her journey crafting attire for future spacefarers, spanning women and children as well.

Returning to study at London’s Royal College of Art, Chandola researched and designed a Mars-suited clothing line. The project marked a pioneering effort outside the US in creating a prototype Martian habitat.

Chandola’s endeavours pivot towards sustainable fashion intersecting with futuristic spacewear, echoing broader lessons on responsible resource utilisation for Earth’s longevity.

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