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Exa Infrastructure and Hurricane Electric partner on global Internet connectivity



The news build on the longstanding collaboration between the two, with a focus on providing the robust infrastructure and connectivity solutions required to enable the internet to run seamlessly.

Exa most recently delivered services on its new Trans-Adriatic Express (TAE) route, connecting Bari to Tirana, Tirana to Sofia and Sofia to Thessaloniki.

“We have a unique and strong partnership with Hurricane Electric. Our collaboration extends beyond traditional supplier-client relationships,” said Nicholas Collins, chief commercial officer at Exa Infrastructure.

“Exa is dedicated to supporting Hurricane Electric’s mission of delivering high-speed connectivity to as many customers as possible, particularly in the rapidly growing European market. This partnership not only highlights our route diversity and low latency capabilities, but also represents our shared commitment to optimising connections and enabling new opportunities in untapped regions.”

As a result of this expanded partnership, Hurricane Electric customers will receive optimal routing across Europe, North America, and the rest of Hurricane Electric’s global network.

At present, Hurricane Electric is the first international ISP in Albania that connects to the ANIX exchange, allowing for full and free peering within Albania.

“Our relationship has evolved significantly with the value-add Exa Infrastructure provides through unique routes, competitive pricing and unwavering support to our goals, which has been indispensable to our operations,” said Reid Fishler, senior director, Hurricane Electric.

“The Exa team goes above and beyond demonstrating their commitment to our success as well as creating a collaborative ecosystem where connectivity can thrive for our customers.”

In related news, earlier this month Exa announced that Nick Read, chair of the Exa board of directors will oversee the business with immediate effect.

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