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Europe’s winter sun gem with ‘secluded beaches’



Spring might be just around the corner but warm weather still feels a while away from arriving in the UK.

A beautiful island, not too far from the UK, has weather over 20 degrees in February and it’s one of Europe’s lesser-known holiday destinations.

The travel experts at eurochange recommend beautiful São Vicente on the Portuguese island of Madeira for British holidaymakers.

In February, the island regularly hits temperatures above 20 degrees while Madeira is often described as ‘Europe’s Hawaii’.

A spokesperson said: “Madeira is renowned for its incredible landscapes, stunning coastlines and excellent wines. It’s a great way to experience Portugal on a budget, with very affordable prices too.

“São Vicente, in the vast area of Laurissilva, is known as the land of valleys and vineyards, with lush vegetation, volcanic caves, and beautiful picturesque villages.

“Visit the famous volcanic caves, which are 890 thousand years old and trail around 700m long.

“There are endless secluded beaches to explore too, which are great surfing and bodyboarding spots if you’re into watersports.”

São Vicente’s top attraction on Tripadvisor is the museum at the Lime Route, which tells tourists all about the island’s history with lime production.

The island’s unique geology makes it unlike anywhere else in Europe and provides some excellent photo opportunities.

While in Madeira, tourists can sample some traditional dishes. Black scabbardfish is one of the island’s delicacies and is often cooked in flour and egg.

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