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Dublin riots: travel warnings for capital issued by UK, US and Australia following riots



Australia and Algeria have also issued warnings after unrest broke out in the city centre following a stabbing incident that left a five-year-old girl and a creche worker with serious injuries.

The UK Foreign Office said: “Following a knife attack on 23 November, there has been unrest around the centre of Dublin. There has been, and may continue to be, some disruption, including to traffic and public transport. You should avoid any protests and follow advice of local authorities.”

With information circulating online that the stabbing was allegedly carried out by an Algerian national, the Embassy of Algeria asked citizens living in Ireland to “show the utmost caution and vigilance, and to avoid places that have been the subject of violence and vandalism”.

Algerian citizens in the capital were also urged to “reduce their movements to the city centre of Dublin, to stay away from any gatherings” and follow instructions issued by authorities.

It later emerged that the man moved from Algeria and became an Irish citizen in 2014.

The US Embassy said it “is monitoring reports of potential continued demonstrations in Dublin” and advised American citizens travelling to the city to “monitor local media for updates, avoid crowds, avoid demonstrations and be aware of your surroundings”.

A similar warning was issued by the US Embassy following the attack on American man Stephen Termini in July, when US citizens were told to avoid walking alone and keep a low-profile while moving through Dublin city centre.

The assault left Mr Termini in a coma at Beaumont Hospital before he recovered and was discharged in August.

The Canadian government also advised tourists to avoid protests and follow the instructions of local authorities.

“Since the evening of November 23, 2023, violent protests have occurred in Dublin city centre. They have caused disruptions to services and transportation and have led to acts of vandalism, arson, and violent clashes between demonstrators and police.

“If you are in Dublin monitor local media for the most recent information, follow the instructions of local authorities, expect enhanced security measures and an increased police presence,” the statement from Canada’s government read.

Australia told its citizens “violent protests and riots have occurred in Dublin. Further disruptions could occur. Avoid protests and follow the advice of local authorities.”

However, Dublin remains at the lowest advice level for travel from Australia which says “the security environment is similar to that of a large Australian city”.

Fáilte Ireland was contacted for comment.

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