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Deion Sanders: ‘I’m judged on a different scale’



Deion Sanders: ‘I’m judged on a different scale’

The Colorado head coach spoke at Big 12 media days in Las Vegas about the Buffaloes’ outlook for this season and the expectation placed upon him and his team.

Video Transcript

I just see the war and the fire and desire from our young men and I can’t wait till you get an opportunity to see it as well.

So I’m very optimistic on what we have on our plate this year.

I’m, I’m judged on a different scale.

I, I, my, my, my wins are totally different than your wins, your wins.

You just judging football.

That’s why I have to start out and give you education and academics and so forth.

I have to give you those things.

So you understand, there’s a greater scope.

I can’t win nine games and we, our GPA suffers, our GPA can’t be high, but we lose another eight games.

We, we can’t not go and grab high school players and you got a bunch of guys in the portal, uh out of the portal that’s getting incarcerated.

My wins are different.

We have to win in every area.

That’s the way we’re judged.

And I’m cool with that because we, we, we come a little different.

So the expectation is greater, but it’s not just football.

It’s been like that all my life.

I’ve always had a greater expectation for myself.

So the expectation you have for me would never outweigh the expectation I have for myself.

And I love that these kids are being compensated somewhat for what they bring to the table.

Um I don’t want them to put the bag before the game because if you have the game, the bag is gonna come, I want them to understand that, but I just don’t want to take away from the purity, the purity of this wonderful game that we have.

College football is phenomenal, man.

This conference is phenomenal.

Look at, look at where we are.

You got to be kidding me, man.

I’m a brother from Fort Myers, Florida and I’m sitting up here in the darn end zone in Las Vegas talking to the whole darn country about a childish game that I played when I was a shouting.

Don’t you understand how powerful and how wonderful it is?

And I’m so darn thankful to be here.

So I try to relay that to all our young men.

This is a moment, man.

You better maximize it and let’s go get it.

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