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December 2023 Horoscope: your year of travel will end on a high note



Expect this rumination to begin in earnest around the 13th, when Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn. On the 22nd, when Mercury conjoins the Sun, you’ll have a quick moment of illumination that moves you closer to a resolution.

Then, on the 23rd, Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius. It looks like you’ll be revisiting some of the travel setbacks that frustrated you in November when Mercury runs into some gnarly aspects with Mars and Neptune, particularly around the 27th and 28th. These could present as stressful travel days if you happen to be on the road, or potentially as a mini-crisis of confusion around your beliefs. You might be questioning the way forward if certain long-awaited travel plans are no longer viable, or if your ethics around certain types of tourism are changing. If this feels like an existential quandary, it might be! Just try to trust it’ll all work out in the end, even if you’re not sure where to direct your energy at the moment.

Taurus Rising

December comes with some detours, but it ends with you taking off and spreading your wings in a pretty big way. But first, you might need to revise some of your travel itineraries in order to embrace the path of your greatest fulfilment.

Mercury spends most of the month criss-crossing through your 9th house of spirituality and long journeys, which means you’ll probably be busy with the logistics of changing your plans through the first three weeks of December, as well as looking for some higher guidance. Mercury stations retrograde on the 13th, which means some of the trips and reservations you book in the first half of the month might be tentative at best. Your best bet is to remain flexible this month, because there might be a bigger adventure awaiting you, and you’ll want the ability to pursue it when it beckons.

You may also be preoccupied with your relationships this month, especially after your ruling planet, Venus, enters Scorpio on the 4th. These next three to four weeks might find you feeling more vulnerable and insecure than usual, but this also comes with an opportunity to become more intimate with an important person in your life. Especially around the 9th, when Venus opposes Jupiter, look for ways to let the love in, and let yourself be changed by it.

All of this is building up to a pretty nice moment of personal lift-off as Jupiter stations directly in Taurus on the 30th. You’ll be greeting the new year with a sense that things are moving forward in your life – maybe even a feeling that anything is possible. This is more than just a surge of momentum. It’s also a critical moment of integration in your personal growth and an expansion of your self-concept. Cheers to all that, and here’s to everything that comes next.

Gemini Rising

Is it tax season yet, or is it just you? For better or for worse, you might spend a large part of the month combing through your financial records and settling some balances. Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters your 8th house of taxes and debts on December 1st, only to station retrograde a couple of weeks later on the 13th. As Mercury crunches some numbers and checks its math a second time, you, too, might be sorting through the equation of what’s yours, and what’s definitely someone else’s. Shared expenses, shared responsibilities, and shared collaborations are all up for revision. If this feels like the sequel to a problem you were working through last December and January, you’re not wrong. The second time will be the charm.

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