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Data & Marketing Association appoints new Scottish chair



The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has announced it is refocusing its presence in Scotland in support of the country’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, underpinned by the appointment of a new chair of DMA Scotland.

Anneli Ritari-Stewart has set out her vision for championing the responsible and ethical use of AI to drive growth and innovation in Scottish marketing, in line with Scotland’s AI strategy.

Ritari-Stewart, head of digital marketing at Royal London, believes marketers can harness AI as a “superpower”, but has warned that a trustworthy and customer-centric approach must be adhered to in order for businesses and their customers to see the true benefits.

Ritari-Stewart will continue her role at the mutual insurance firm, where she is part of the group’s AI Working Group. She held a position on the DMA council for four years before becoming deputy chair of DMA Scotland in 2022.

Taking over from existing chair Howard Barber, Ritari-Stewart’s appointment closely follows the DMA’s appointment of former Disney executive Tony Miller as its new UK chair in March.

“Scotland represents a truly unique and exciting opportunity to drive the ethical use of AI forward,” said Ritari-Stewart. “I believe marketers can harness the technology as a superpower – but stakeholder trust, customer-centric approaches and regulatory collaboration must be achieved.

“The culture around AI is changing at an electric pace; we need to encourage curiosity, winning the hearts and minds of the professionals who will use AI and the customers who stand to benefit.“

Steph Wright, head of the Scottish AI Alliance, commented: “We welcome DMA UK’s refocus in support of Scotland’s AI Strategy and its vision for Scotland to become a leader in trustworthy, ethical and inclusive AI.

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