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Cracking The Code: Orry And The Secrets Of His Internet Fame



The one name the internet cannot stop buzzing with is Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry. The Bollywood’s favourite has been living the dream life of many and has been often spotted setting fashion goals. From Janhvi Kapoor to Deepika Padukone, Orry somehow has managed to earn the title of Bollywood’s BFF. Social media cannot stop churning out contents around this enigma of a person.

But who is Orry? What does he really do? How did he become Bollywood’s darling? Queries about him are pretty much trending. So we decided to crack the code of his internet fame.

Who is Orhan Awatramani aka Orry?

The one question the internet cannot stop buzzing with is who is Orry after all. The much-talked about socialite made the headlines after being spotted with every B-towner. Be it Janhvi Kapoor, Nysa Devgan, or Kareena Kapoor Khan the internet phenomenon was seen partying with every Bollywood celebrity. If that was not surprising enough he also hung out with entrepreneur Kylie Jenner at her house. How he manages to befriend all the who’s who of the entertainment world is still a mystery as he doesn’t come from any celebrity family to begin with nor is he in the modelling or acting industry. But the Bollywood’s BFF title has ended up giving him the same pap attention as any celebs. He has become so prominent that he is finding his way to the guest list of stars like Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party. He even made headlines after getting featured in Bigg Boss 17 as the wild Card contestant.

What does Orry do?

Curiosity around what he does has peaked lately. The 25-year-old has always maintained a vague stature when it comes to talking about what he does. When asked about his profession he has always been found saying something along the line of “I work on myself”. His profession list includes fashion stylist, fashion designing, buyer, shopper, an art director, an art curator, a painter, song singer, song writer and the list doesn’t seem to end. He even has ended up calling himself a “liver” as he lives. However, his LinkedIn profile suggests that Orry is the Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries. He has pursued his bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Communication Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. His internet popularity has landed him collaborations with streaming giant Netflix for promotional gigs. In his recent appearance on Bigg Boss 17 he disclosed how people approach him to click pictures with them and their family and by uploading them he makes around Rs 20 to Rs 30 lakh in a night leaving the host Salman baffled as ever. Currently he has a following of over 7 lakh which just keeps on soaring higher.

Orry’s fashion

However, the paps’ current obsession’s sartorial choices are leaving a unique and quirky mark on men’s fashion for sure. Orry definitely owns the title of Bollywood’s ‘It’ boy when he walks out in all his quirky glory. The ‘liver’ definitely knows his fashion and is very much into exploring new things. From going all Barbiecore to straight diving to the ladoo peela kurta, Orry definitely knows how to steal the spotlight. Getting overshadowed by big names’ presence is the conventional way but Orry is not that ordinary after all. However big of a celebrity he is posing with his fashion statement definitely grabs some eyeballs.

Orry on Bigg Boss

Orry has become a celeb now without really being a celeb. And this time made his entry into the Bigg Boss 17 house as a Wild Card contestant. And kept his ever so vague demeanour intact about his job. He was found saying, “I get up in the morning. I take a head massage. I do journalling. I check if my stars and chakras are aligned. I Take out tarot cards and read them. I read horoscopes on paper. I go to the gym.”

Being specifically asked about his income he said, “I dance. I sing. I’m the guy who has lived his life. I have been a waiter, actor, and graphic designer. I have done a lot of odd jobs to earn money. I earned everything during my youth and now in my old age I’m just living.”

Talking about his work on himself he shared how he was 74 in January and has managed to come down to 51 currently. He said he is playing the role of a slim person in his life now for the months of November to December.

The unconventional celebrity however seems like a pro at managing his mysterious aura and looks like the ‘liver’ is here to stay.

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