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Consumers are most receptive to ads on shopping, news, and social media sites



Key stat: US consumers are most receptive to ads on shopping (36%), news (35%), social media (35%), and entertainment (34%) websites, per Q3 2023 data from Integral Ad Science.

Beyond the chart:

  • No type of website ranked above 36%, showing consumers aren’t eager to see ads.
  • Consumers’ relative acceptance of ads on shopping sites is good news for retail media search and display ads on retailer websites.
  • While consumers being receptive to ads on new and entertainment sites is good news for advertisers, it may be more difficult to convert on these sites, as consumers usually aren’t browsing with the intention to shop.

Use this chart:

  • Evaluate where to place ads.

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Note: Respondents were asked, ” On which of the following websites would you be most receptive to advertising? Select up to three.”

Methodology: Data is from the January 2024 Integral Ad Science (IAS) report titled “The State of Brand Safety.” 1,095 US consumers ages 18+ were surveyed during Q3 2023.

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