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Cheapest place in Scotland to buy a beer revealed – days after prices rocket



SCOTLAND’s cheapest place to buy a pint of beer has been revealed.

The findings come just days after prices for the boozy drink rocketed through a milestone for the first time ever.


Scotland was found to have the cheapest price for beer in the countryCredit: Alamy
Research found Carlsberg was the cheapest booze brand in the UK


Research found Carlsberg was the cheapest booze brand in the UKCredit: Alamy

The cheapest pints in the country can be found in Scotland and North Wales.

Dunfermline, in Fife, has a pint at the average cost of £2.97.

Wrexham has pints only costing £2.20 on average, while Bangor sees locals paying £2.42.

A new report found that the average pint now costs £5 and an American-style tipping system could soon be arriving.

A whopping 2,500 hospitality businesses, staff, and customers gave insight into the industry for the research.

Unsurprisingly, London has the most expensive pint in the country, with the average one costing a frightening £7.15.

The new reasearch commissioned by hospitality tech company three rocks – which also found that between January and March four licensed premises closed a day round the country.

The survey also suggests a big majority of British pub-goers favour an American style of tipping.

A whopping three quarters, or 73 per cent, believe that people should tip when buying drinks at the bar, the research found.

A third, 34 per cent, said that bar staff should get at least 10%-20% gratuity and 61 per cent said bar staff should get all the tips.

Meanwhile, other research found what the cheapest brand of beer was nationally.

Carlsberg is the cheapest pint nationally, with an average price across the isles of only £4.25.

It comes after we reported how a pub that sits just a stone’s throw from Glasgow’s Central Station is selling booze at 1990s’ prices – including £1.25 for a bottle of beer and £1.99 for pints.

Toby Jug’s price board advertises lagers, ciders and stouts all for under £2.

The outdoor ad shows a 275ml bottle of Beck’s costs just £1.25. And for £1.99 drinkers can choose from a pint of Bud Light, Carlsberg, Caledonia Best or Olde English.

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