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‘Can’t put into words how I’m feeling’ – City skipper on Scotland milestone



The 32-year-old was included in Steve Clark’s final squad for the tournament despite fitness issues going into the summer, with one short cameo his only club appearance since March.

He’s now played in two friendlies for the Tartan Army, however, giving Clark enough assurance to give him a spot on the plane to Germany.

Those two games have also taken Hanley’s number of international caps to 50, earning him a place in the country’s footballing hall of fame.

“It’s a proud moment,” he said of the achievement. “I’m probably not clever enough to put it into words how I’m feeling.

“It’s a big milestone and a big achievement for me. I’m proud of the hard work, sacrifices and dedication I’ve put in to be there.

“I’m grateful to a number of managers for the opportunities they’ve given me over the years. It’s something that nobody will ever take away from me.

“My family are always proud of every cap I get and every moment I get on the pitch playing for Scotland. I’ll certainly have a few going out [to the Euros].

“Even now they barely miss a game for Norwich, even in the last year when I’ve not been playing. Fair play to them, they’ve supported me all the way. I wouldn’t be here without them.

“And my partner Kathryn as well, I think she’s had it tougher than most the last year. It’s not the easiest. I should really mention my family.”

Hanley knows he takes time to get back to his best after injury, but says he can feel the benefits of his hard work as he looks to make the starting line-up for the tournament.

“I feel good,” he continued. “Obviously it’s been a long year, a tough rehab. Achilles rehabs are notorious for not being the most exciting things to do.

“There are obviously lots of things that can come up along the way. I know myself I’m at my best when I’m in a rhythm and I’ve been playing week in-week out.

“From my point of view I can take confidence I couldn’t have done anymore and there’s nothing I’d change along the way. I’ve done all the hard work and hopefully that pays.”

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