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Business and innovation is key to the circular economy



Our Meet the Market project is an exciting new venture for us that represents a welcome expansion of the scope of our circular economy business support, from working solely with small and medium-sized businesses to supporting start-ups too, and complementing our work with big brands like Balfour Beatty, Tennent’s and Scottish Water to explore circular opportunities at scale.

More importantly however it will unlock Scotland’s thriving circular economy for a whole new cohort of budding sustainable businesses, who will gain access to a network of fellow brands with a shared mission of doing things differently for people and planet.

That focus on both people and planet is meaningful, as the circular economy has come to mean a way of living in which people are happy, healthy, safe, and equal as well as one that respects the limits of our natural environment. It’s the best tool we have to help us achieve a ‘just transition’, in which we work towards a fairer and more equal society as well as a greener economy for Scotland.

We need everyone on board with Scotland’s circular economy vision if we’re serious about tackling climate change, and can’t wait to carry on our work with Scotland’s entrepreneurial talent to make it happen.

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