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Brian Cox pays tribute to ‘beautiful’ Darius Campbell



Brian Cox paid tribute to late singer Darius Campbell Danesh on the red carpet of the Pride of Scotland awards show as he recalled he’d been with him to the event before.

Succession actor Brian, who plays Logan Roy on the globally watched show which just finished up for good, said on the red carpet: “I think these are really important awards, because they are awards for people who are ordinary people. You know, it’s just the kind of unsung hero awards.”

Remembering the late Colourblind singer who passed away suddenly in August 2022, Brian, 77, added: “I did this years and years ago, I actually remember with Darius, the singer who is sadly gone. It’s what I miss. A beautiful man, an absolutely beautiful man, really tragic. Tragic. Yeah, and we did that and I thought, ‘Wow, this is really impressive.’”

Brian was on his way to Paris for a fashion show as he stopped off in Edinburgh for the glitzy event to honour Scotland’s unsung heroes – though he insists he’s not about to get into modelling.

He added: “I’m on my way to Paris to do a fashion show and then I’m on my way to Aspen, Colorado. I don’t do a lot of fashion shows. I think I’m just sitting there enclosed.

He added with a smile: “My days of doing runway are over.”

Dundee native Brian, who is a big Independence supporter, also says he wants to buy a house on the east coast and return to Scotland.

He said: “I’m gonna try and get house here sometime. I’m an East Coaster. I can’t stand the dreich and you don’t get dreich on the east coast. You get the haar but you don’t get the dreich.”

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