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Bliss Entertainment announces new event center in Amarillo



Bliss Entertainment announced a new event center location for Amarillo during a groundbreaking ceremony held Friday afternoon at 9700 E. FM 1151 Claude Hwy.

The construction team is set to officially break ground on the space within the month, with completion tentatively expected for late July 2024. As stated at the groundbreaking, the new location sits on more than 10.5 acres. The building will span a total of 8,000 sq ft., or 60×100 with a 16-foot lean on the left side of the structure.

After construction completion, the location will include two indoor rentable venues, one being a larger space expected to accommodate for 800 attendees for larger events such as family reunions, festivals and more. The space will also house a smaller venue expected to hold approximately 300 attendees for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, quinceneras, and more. The property will also host an outdoor concert area; when completed, it’s expected to host as many as 800 attendees for festival events and outdoor concerts.

“When you walk in to the Bliss venue, you are going to forget that you are in Amarillo. It is going to feel like ‘Am I in Dallas, Houston, Austin?’ It will have such a modern, new age feel that when you walk in, you will feel like you are in a big city. It will be something really different,” Bliss Management Team Facility Manager Joshua Gilmore said.

Inside of the venue, amenities are to include JBL concert grade sound equipment, a 10-foot LED lighting board, and a 10-foot Photo X Booth. In mind of comfort, Bliss management also said they took extra care in preparing enough space for parking and plans to dedicate approximately four to five acres solely for parking.

Bliss Management Team Production Manager Blair Dickey spoke about his role in helping to bringing the annual Annual Love, Laughter & Friends Fest to Amarillo over the past two years and how they plan to relocate the concert festival to the new space after it’s completed.

“Production wise, when it comes to the shows, when watching the concerts, there will be special effects, LED walls, visuals. … The sound will be immaculate; you will feel the bass in your chest. It will be unlike any other concert venue in Amarillo,” Dickey said.

According to the Bliss Management team, although they plan to announce specific concerts at a later date, they did speak of already arranging concerts with “very well known artists” for when the venue is completed.

“If you listen to music, they will be one of your favorites; everyone will want to come to Amarillo for this. Our first show will be a big one. … We plan to being in not only the big city looks, but the big city acts, with well known country, hip-hop, Latin, reggaetón, and EDM artists. We plan to diversify ourselves to offer what everyone wants, and I think it will change Amarillo,” Dickey said.

Bliss Management said after the construction is finished, they plan to host an open house for the venue and present the space to the community with a grand opening concert.

A 3D rendering and official website will be launched by the team in the upcoming weeks, which will be presented and announced on their social medias on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information or to stay up to date, follow The Bliss Venue on Facebook and Instagram, or call them at (806) 676-8256.

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