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Benny Dayal gets hit by a drone during concert in Chennai, bruises fingers



Known for belting out hits such as Let’s Nacho, Lat Lag Gayee, Badtameez Dil and Besharmi Ki Height, singer Benny Dayal, who was performing at a concert in Chennai, got hurt after being hit by a drone, as it reportedly fell down and hit the back of his head.

The drone was capturing his show when it fell down. Benny took to Instagram, where he shared the details of the incident.

He said that the drone fans hit his head and bruised his fingers.

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“The drone fans, they hit and bruised the back of my head a little bit. Two of my fingers got completely bruised. But that’s all fine. I think I am going to recover from this much faster,” the singer said in the clip.

He urged all other artists to add a clause in their agreement papers asking organisers to have professional drone operators.

“All artists from here one, make sure you have a clause in your technical writer saying that the drone cannot come that close to any artist while they are performing because your movement and their movement cannot be coordinated because you have a person who’s specifically working with you on drones,” he added.

He further stated: “Please all colleges, companies, show or event organisers, please get a certified drone operator because it’s very dangerous. The person should be certified to operate a drone.”

“We are all artists. We are just singing on stage. We are not Vijay or Ajay or Salman Khan or Prabhas or some action film. You don’t have to do all those stunts. Just do a regular show. We just want to look nice. It shouldn’t come so close and hurt the artist.”

Benny captioned the clip on Instagram: “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL ARTIST CONCERNING DRONE OPERATORS. Kindly Listen!”

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