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Balenciaga collaborates with EON for tech-infused merchandise | Retail Tech News USA



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Balenciaga has partnered with EON, a company specialising in Digital ID technology, to unveil a tech-enabled merchandise series marking an industry-first move. This collaboration introduces an exclusive media experience for Balenciaga customers, granting them access to a custom-produced track by Archive, a London-based trip-hop group. Through EON’s expertise in Digital IDs, they will embed the song titled “Patterns” into select items from the collection.

The latest collection comprises hoodies and T-shirts embedded with NFC chips, facilitating a direct link to music. EON’s role involves bridging the physical product and its digital counterpart in the cloud. They aim to create a secure web platform where customers can effortlessly access Balenciaga’s media. Furthermore, EON offers multilingual support in English, French, and Chinese.

Accessible only by scanning Balenciaga’s new garments, this marks the brand’s debut using a digital product passport (DDP). Notably, it’s the first instance a DDP has been employed to grant customers exclusive music access through clothing.

Natasha Franck, EON’s Founder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration with Balenciaga, highlighting the direct link established between physical products and the creative world of art and music. Franck emphasised the potential of EON’s Product Cloud, showcasing how brands can transform products into multimedia channels, enhancing customer engagement and transactions.

Balenciaga’s venture into this digital realm with the DDP signifies a new direction. Their collection of hoodies and T-shirts featuring Archive and Balenciaga’s motifs was released on 20th November 20. This innovative fusion of fashion, technology, and music heralds a new era of interactive consumer experiences.

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