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Attention Google Users! Your Inactive Gmail Accounts Will Be Deleted



New Delhi: If you’ve got a Google account gathering dust, it’s time to give it a little attention. Google is rolling out a new policy that might lead to the deletion of accounts that have been inactive for over two years, starting this Friday.

The updated policy, announced by Google in May, aims to tackle security concerns related to inactive accounts. Google warns that accounts left untouched for an extended period are more susceptible to security breaches. (Also Read: Making UPI Payments Via Rupay Credit Cards? Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

These forgotten or unattended accounts often have outdated passwords, lack two-factor authentication, and receive fewer security checks, making them easy targets for hackers. (Also Read: Planning A Vacation Abroad? THESE Countries Allow Indians Without Visa)

So, if you’ve been neglecting that old Google account, be on the lookout for messages from Google in your associated email and recovery address. These notices will alert you if your account is at risk of being labeled “inactive” and subsequently deleted.

Why the fuss? Well, Google is concerned that inactive accounts could be compromised and misused for malicious activities like spam, or worse, identity theft. The tech giant is taking steps to enhance overall account security and protect its users from potential risks.

If you want to safeguard your content stored in Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, and other services linked to your inactive account, it’s time to log in before the week’s end. Prevention is key, and a quick sign-in will ensure that your account stays active, keeping your data safe from deletion.

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