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Asda picks 5.3 million Scottish strawberries to serve in time for Wimbledon



It’s game, set and match for Scottish strawberries! Supermarket giant Asda has partnered with a Perthshire grower to dish out 5.3 million locally produced strawberries across the UK ahead of the upcoming Wimbledon fortnight.

Operated by Liam Stewart and his family, Stewarts of Tayside is the largest independent grower of strawberries in Scotland and has supplied Asda stores for over 25 years. The family-run business grows, packs, and delivers all of its produce from its farms in Perthshire.

The grower’s commitment to quality is reflected in the robust, flavourful punnets of strawberries that will be available in over 240 Asda stores across the UK.

Liam Stewart, Managing Director, Stewarts of Tayside said: “We’re a family-run business based on the banks of the river Tay. Our unique location provides plentiful sunlight to ripen our strawberries in perfect time, paired with the high-quality fresh water flowing from the hills of Perthshire past our doorstep to keep them perfectly fed and hydrated.

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“We have a 25-year working relationship with Asda and take so much pride in bringing the best available strawberries to its customers. Over the next six months, we will supply over 1000 tonnes of strawberries to Asda stores across the UK, with 5.3 million individual strawberries going into its stores over the Wimbledon fortnight.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Asda to serve our strawberries to tennis fans during Wimbledon. Our family has been growing strawberries in Perth for generations, and we are extremely proud of the quality of our produce.”

‘Demand for the quintessential summer fruit soars’

Jake Halligan, Produce Buying Manager at Asda added: “We’ve turned a corner with the weather, strawberry season is well on its way and we’re gearing up for an exceptional summer of sport and strawberries.

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