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17 photos of 1970s Scottish fashion that will take you back in time



For better and worse, the 1970s was an unforgettable decade.

If you were around in Scotland back then, you will no doubt have plenty of memories of what the country was like at the time. Scots will know that a lot has changed since then, with iconic venues and popular products of the time having long since been lost to the ages.

It is scary to think that it has now been 50 years since the 70s, but fortunately there are countless photos from the time that will ensure we never forget it.

One of the most instantly recognisable aspects of the decade was its fashion, and Scotland certainly wasn’t immune to trends at the time. From flared trousers to leather jackets to bold dresses and accessories, what was considered stylish was certainly very different back then.

To prove this point, and to get our nostalgia fix, the Daily Record has put together some photographs that show just what people in Scotland dressed like back then. Whether you were around at the time or not, you are sure to get a kick out of these snaps.

Here are 17 photos of what Scottish fashion looked like in the 1970s that will take you straight back in time.

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The New Seekers, who represented the UK at the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest in Edinburgh, can be seen here in ensembles that just scream ‘Scotland in the 1970s’.

(Image: TV Times via Getty Images)

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Two Hamilton schoolboys have been snapped here in 1970 modelling the latest safety headwear — a flashing helmet to let motorists know that children are crossing the road.

(Image: Staff/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

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This stylish lad from Lerwick is wearing a very 70s patterned zip-up cardigan in this 1970 snap.

(Image: Chris Morphet/Redferns)

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Scottish golfer Brian Barnes is looking very chic in this blue and orange ensemble as he competes in the 1973 Ryder Cup at Muirfield Links.

(Image: Don Morley/Getty Images)

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It wouldn’t be a photo from the 70s without something Elvis-related, with this 1973 shot showing a teenager from Aberdeen representing the music legend with a t-shirt.

(Image: Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

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The Bay City Rollers were without a doubt one of the most iconic music groups of the 1970s, and in this 1975 photograph they can be seen repping their home country with tartan galore.

(Image: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

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Scottish model Una Watt is rocking a very stylish get-up in this 1974 photoshoot.

(Image: Daily Record / Mirrorpix)

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Billy Connolly is looking very dapper wearing a leather jacket and white flared trousers in this 1975 photo alongside Rangers football player Willie Henderson.

(Image: Daily Record/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

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This lassie looks well prepared for winter with her woollen knitted red, khaki, green, and black dress and coat with matching leggings.

(Image: Evening Standard/Getty Images)

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This amazing 1972 photograph captured in Glasgow shows typical fashion trends of the time.

(Image: Mirrorpix / Daily Record)

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Scots fashion designer Bill Gibb, whose customers included Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, and the Duchess of Bedford, created this stunning dress made of buttermilk jersey and mother of pearl.

(Image: WATFORD/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

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It doesn’t get much more 70s than this shot of Aston Villa and Scotland footballer Andy Gray taken in 1979.

(Image: Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images)

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We’re not sure what is more 70s in this photo: the hair, the dress, or the shoes.

(Image: Mirrorpix / Daily Record)

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The Dead End Kids were a covers band from Kilmarnock, and in this 1978 photo they can be seen rocking some amazingly 70s hairstyles.

(Image: Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images)

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The Rezillos were a punk and new wave band formed in Edinburgh in 1976, and they can be seen here looking fittingly edgy posing in front of Arthur’s Seat.

(Image: David Corio/Redferns)

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Scots blues singer Frankie Miller is rocking a very 70s neckerchief in this photograph taken during a performance.

(Image: ARTCO-Berlin/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

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This 1972 shot makes us wish 70s style would have a revival, since that dress is absolutely incredible.

(Image: Mirrorpix / Daily Record)

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